This Vibrant Pink Al Wasl Cafe is Drake’s Favourite Restaurant in Dubai • Vibe Cafe


Guess what? Drake loves his bed, his mama, AND Vibe cafe in Dubai. The Canadian rapper loves it so much, that he gave the electric pink cafe a shout-out on his Instagram account well before it threw open its doors to the average Joe back in 2018

In fact, it’s got a serious rep for being rap star-friendly. Ne-Yo has dined here, and its flashing neon signs have lit the way for Fat Joe too.

That’s some serious flex for this blazing bright café tucked away on a corner of Al Wasl road, considering its blindingly pink-and-neon aesthetic is more Barbie’s dreamhouse than Hotline Bling. 

But as they say, never judge a café by its Pantone colour code. Vibe’s got more substance than its candy floss ambiance suggests and is a force to reckon with on the Dubai food scene. 

Besides its celebrity clout and funky décor, this brainchild of Emirati restaurateur Noora Salem packs a delicious menu that has ushered it on to many a ‘best breakfast spot’ and ‘best diet-friendly menu’ lists in the city and scored awards. 

Source: Secretdubai

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