The Founder of Vibe Cafe and Lash Cosmetics Shares Her Busy But Nonetheless Fabulous Day.


About me: I manage the day-to-day operations of both my companies, constantly working on new and innovative ideas to grow and expand my business.

I want to make my name known within the food and beverage industry by creating a vibrant and unique experience for my clientele. Much of my inspiration for my ventures have been created through my love of travelling and experiencing new and exciting cuisines. Those experiences and memories have been the driving force for my work, I want to showcase this to Dubai but with an added ‘Noora’ twist, ensuring I satisfy all tastebuds but in a fun and charismatic way.

Boxing sessions are my favourite activity to help recharge and clear my mind, body, and soul of any negative energy I may experience within my day. After a workout, I feel like a brand-new woman.

My passion is food, I love to travel and experience different cuisines with family and friends. This always puts me in good mood or recharges me.

What this season means to me: The holy month of Ramadan to me is all about reaching out to the poor, giving back, spreading happiness and forgiving others with an open heart. It’s the month where I look forward to spending time with my family while at the same time recollecting and building myself as a person.

I see Ramadan as the perfect opportunity to kick start my weight loss journey where I train before Iftar and follow a healthy eating regime. Baking for family and friends is another hobby that I like to take time out for in Ramadan. Other than that, game nights are an essential part of my Ramadan.

Favourite food: Although I try to discipline my eating habits as much as I can during Ramadan in order to reach my weight loss target, it’s difficult resisting the famous luqaimat and sambosas. Not to forget my love for everything that my mother cooks.

Ramadan wishes: I wish everyone a safe and Covid-19 free Ramadan, filled with love, happiness and of course, delicious food!

Source- Khaleej Times

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