Five dishes for Pancake Day 2022 in the UAE: from French crepes to Indian dosas


What they are: Does breakfast get more quintessentially American than a towering stack of pancakes dripping with butter or maple syrup? The addition of a rising agent (usually baking powder, sometimes bicarbonate of soda) to the batter means these saucer-sized beauties tend to be fluffier than their European cousins, which could explain why they never seem to be served in less than a trio.

When and how to eat them: They might be considered a breakfast food in the US, but depending on the toppings and added extras, American pancakes are more than indulgent enough to qualify as dessert, too.

Where to try them in the UAE: Order the pancakes at Brunch & Cake in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai and you’ll have zero regrets (and no need for lunch). Its signature New York cheesecake pancake comes with strawberries, a cheesecake filling, caramel sauce, pistachios and maple syrup.


A limited-time style is available at Eggspectation in Dubai, which is doing Oreo pancakes with cookie cream and chocolate sauce, while Vibe Cafe is serving versions with peanut butter, coconut, mango and a vegan option with wild berries.

Source: The National News

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